Cementine Collection

Created in a modern style, following the trends with 5 basic color options, the Cementine Collection promises pleasant spaces with its different patterns.

Cementine Mosaic

Cement designs, prepared with water jet cutting, with a thickness of 1 cm and different color combinations, are the new favorite of your living spaces.

Mono Color Collection

Colorful floors are possible with 20×20 tiles.

Terrazzo Collection

The terrazzo tile trend has taken over homes and hearts across all of the world thanks to its versatile look and practical benefits.

Lines Collection

A new design for those who like geometric, stylish and modern look.

Thin Stone Collection

A light and useful design with a thickness of 6mms.

Penny Mosaic Collection

Marble mosaics with their round designs are prepared for your private living spaces.

New Products

Terrazzo Collection

Fashion of the 16th century is one of the most special trends of today. Terrazzo, which appears in every design from floor and wall coverings to accessories, is here as the newest and most popular member of our family with the Terrazzo Collection.

Terrazzo Collection

Penny Round Mosaic Collection

Penny Round Mosaic, consisting of round shapes and different color designs, is designed for indoor and outdoor spaces.


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